Harry Potter Wands

The Hellion has been working so hard lately that we decided to take a day and do something fun.  So we made Harry Potter wands in preparation for our Harry Potter week that is coming up sometime soon.  It was a lot of fun, but more work than I had anticipated.  The final products were worth it though.  We were joined by a friend of ours and both the boys did a great job on their wands.  We each made two, a main wand and a back-up wand.


I bought a bag of colored feathers for them to choose from.  Their choices:

  • Red- Phoenix feather
  • Purple- Hippogryph feather
  • Orange- Basilisk scale
  • Green- Dragon scale
  • Blue- Dragon scale
  • Yellow- Unicorn hair

First we chose our cores and the color of construction paper we wanted.  I cut some wooden dowels down to a manageable size and we each chose those as well.  Then the real fun began.

After choosing our materials we spread Elmer’s glue all over our construction paper, making sure to get the edges.


We then laid our dowels and our feathers on one corner of the construction paper and rolled all three together.  Getting the feather to roll was difficult, but it is doable.  You just have to have some patience with it.  I ended up putting a little extra dab of glue on the closing corner to make sure it stayed down.


Once you have your paper rolled you have to let the glue dry completely.  This takes longer than you think.  We waited a couple of hours for them to dry.  Once they were dry we cut the extra construction paper off each end to make a wand the length we wanted.  Ours ranged in size from 10-11 inches.  Then we filled in each end of the roll with hot glue.  Make sure that the glue fills in the end fully, this ensures the wand is sturdy.  We then choose what our end cap would be.  I had clear marbles and metallic glass stones to choose from.  We hot glued these to the handle end of the wand.  Then came the fun part (ok, not really, this part was a pain, but worth it).  I used the hot glue gun to thicken one end of the wand and then create designs.  You can do pretty much whatever you want at this point.  I am not the best at this crafty stuff but all of the wands looked pretty done when we were finished so I must have done ok.  The Hellion did help with his wands, but he had a hard time with the glue gun so basically supervised and told me when I was screwing it up!  I totally forgot about taking pictures at this stage.  Sorry.  After the hot glue had dried and set the boys went to town painting their wands.  The Hellion and I started with a black base coat.  Our friend, we’ll call him Z-rex, decided not to do the black base coat and just started painting the colors he wanted.

1970461_10201704519560998_1396315253_n crop 1625598_10201699313350846_1583768480_n

The Hellion’s are the two up top, mine are on the bottom in the first picture.  Z-rex is working his painting magic in the second and the Hellion working his in the third.

The Hellion painted his next.  I added a coat of silver to one of mine and bronze to the other.  Then I added details, the Hellion did not.

1544589_10201704518360968_248904662_n 1939903_10201704519240990_716571064_n 1978737_10201704518840980_580700174_n

Here are some of the wands drying.  Mine is the first one, then both of Z-rex’s and then one of the Hellion’s.  They are awesome!  I can’t wait to get to swing them around some.  I promise Iwill post some pics of that as well.

Here they are after they finally dried!

1069922_10201717774572365_256658155_n 1510357_10201717771772295_227069601_n

1613968_10201717768972225_601976658_n 10151431_10201717777332434_1199572144_n

The Hellions are the first two, Z-Rex’s next and then mine.





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  1. Website says:

    This is a great guide. Am gonna try my hand at this tonight

  2. […] some projects because he wanted to do more Harry Potter themed activities.  Last year we made our wands and this year we got to use them!  We had classes ranging from Defense Against the Dark Arts to […]

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