Life gets in the way

I know I haven’t posted in about, forever.  Sorry about that, life kinda got in the way of blogging.  The Hellion and I have been a little crazy the past few weeks and when I had time to update I was just exhausted.  I’ll share some highlights with you.

The Hellion got to go to Missouri with my sister for a week.  He was so excited.  They managed to get a little schoolwork done, but mostly just had fun together with my dad and step-mom.

Apparently mini-golf was the activity of choice there.


Flying up he got to look into the cockpit and say hi to the pilots!


Flying back was even better!  They let him sit in the pilot’s seat and told him about some of the instruments.  He wanted to fly before but now he is determined to be a pilot.



They also went and saw Gravity.  I’ll admit I am a little jealous!

I finally got to order his bed (which was his birthday present) and it came in last Thursday.  There were 3 boxes that weighed about a million pounds each.  I had the joy of trying to get those suckers in the house on my own.  Let’s just say, Friday was NOT a fun day!


Friday a friend came over and we started putting the bed together.  We got quite a bit done before I had to leave for Co-op.

2013-10-26 18.30.50 2013-10-26 18.31.13 2013-10-26 18.31.56

Today I got a bit more done on my own.  I hope to have it finished by Monday.

2013-10-26 19.58.39 2013-10-26 19.58.21

And then there was the Halloween decorations!  Oh man did we have fun getting those set up!  LOL, we still haven’t finished completely but it looks pretty good so far.  We decided to forgo inside decorations this year because we have so many other projects going on so we don’t really have the room right now.  So we went all out on the outside.

2013-10-24 18.33.09 2013-10-24 18.26.02 2013-10-24 18.24.25 1375796_10200773437684533_56881970_n 560008_10200773439284573_1393846227_n

My niece was just born yesterday as well!  She is beautiful and healthy and I can’t wait to go meet her!  We have had other smaller things going on and school has mostly gone on as normal.  Though he has been MUCH better about getting his work done and not fighting with me about it.  We changed a few things up to make it more fun and it seems to be working.  Lots and lots of living books, I think we have half the library checked out right now.  Then there is also my school work.  I had a 10 page essay exam I had to work on plus all my normal homework.  Work has been crazy lately too!  Hopefully things will calm down for a bit and I will be able to keep this updated.






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Our wonderful, frustrating, exciting, terrifying adventure in homeschooling. Just my son and I trying to figure out where we are going and how exactly to get there.

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